Facilities & Infrastructure


The Colleges are situated in serene locales of Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat about 30 Kms. from Ahmedabad. The environment provides stimulating intellectual alertness, creativity and a burning desire for learning. In addition to this the place has been exclusively earmarked for educational purposes by the Government of Gujarat.


Digital Classrooms

Each lecture hall is equipped with comfortable sitting for all students. It is decorated with podium and the modern facilities for presentations.

Seminar hall1


Each institute has computerized ‘SOUL’ operated library enriched with collection of more than 25,000 books pertaining to various branches of education, research, encyclopedia, electronic devices, thesaurus, journals, magazines etc. and separate reading room is also available there. It is also equipped with internet facility.


Art & Craft

Art and Craft is a very crucial part of teacher’s training. There is a separate zone / space provided at the educational campus for Art and Craft Facility named ‘Creative Zone’ where the teacher trainees can conduct various Art And Craft work / activities.

TLM Exhibition
Art and Craft Zone (3)
Art and Craft Zone (4)

Computer Lab

The Computer Laboratory with internet facility multimedia projectors provides access to vivid educational software, instructional applications and data resources.

Computer lab1
computer lab2
Computer Lab3

Science Lab

In Science Laboratory, there are various scientific tools, models and equipments made available for the teacher trainees to understand and practice how to conduct practical laboratory work in a science laboratory.

Science Laboratory (6)
Science Laboratory (5)
Science Laboratory (4)
Science Laboratory (3)
Science Laboratory (2)
Science Laboratory (1)

Psychology Lab

The psychology laboratory is used to conduct the psychological experiments prescribed in the syllabus of the First Year of the P.T.C Course. All the equipments necessary for conducting these experiments are available in the laboratory. Besides, there are other equipment as well as instruments for other experiments. There are psychological and intelligence tests available in the laboratory. The laboratory is well ventilated and creates a comfortable environment for conducting experiments. There are posters of psychologists and charts about the experiments displayed in the laboratory.

Psychological Laboratory-1
Psychological Laboratory-3
Psychological Laboratory-2

Seminar Room

The Colleges have seminar hall with capacity of 60 seats, well equipped with latest facilities. It is useful to the trainees of the college to give their presentations and organize other activities.

Seminar hall1
Seminar hall2

Multi-purpose Hall

Method Room: All the method rooms are equipped with comfortable sitting arrangement for students and also a counseling cabin in each method room along with a range of teaching aids.

WorkShop Room: The workshop room is equipped with the basic tools required for preparation of teaching aids.


Open Play-Ground / Sports Facilities (Kindly Suggest)

Each college has necessary facilities for both indoor and outdoor games for physical development of trainees.

Play Ground
Open Play Area

Hostel for Girls & Boys

It has been the tradition of Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal to provide excellent hostel facilities separately for boys & girls within the campus at a very reasonable fees with all modern amenities. The hostel also has a recreation room fitted television and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostel kitchen provides excellent and hygienic catering.