Facilities & Infrastructure


The Colleges are situated in serene locales of Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat about 30 Kms. from Ahmedabad. The environment provides stimulating intellectual alertness, creativity and a burning desire for learning. In addition to this the place has been exclusively earmarked for educational purposes by the Government of Gujarat.


Digital Classrooms

Each lecture hall is equipped with comfortable sitting for all students. It is decorated with podium and the modern facilities for presentations.

Seminar hall1


The Central library (Ambalal Vagjibhai Patel, Siporvala) for Educational Colleges was established in the year 2002. All the college of education like B.Ed, (Gujarati & English medium), M.Ed. M.phil., & Ph.D  avail the facilities of the Central library.
The Central Library serves various purposes like serving the academic needs of students and faculties, acting as a center for collection of books, journals related to a various branches of education. Added to this, the library also has a comprehensive collection required for teaching and reference purposes.

The Central Library has various sections like reading room, journals section, reference section, bound volume section, and stack area, NET/SLET exam, Competitive Exams corner.

Details about the collection available in the library:

Total collection of Books


Gifted books


Journals, Magazines


Audiovisual (Cd-DVD & Audio Cassettes)


Dissertation / Thesis


Bound volumes of Periodicals


Encyclopedia’s, Handbooks, Dictionaries, Text books ,  Maps, Charts.etc.

Library Timings:
On all working days, library remains open from 11:00 AM  to 6:00 PM in the evening .
Apart from this, during vacation period of the colleges it remains open from 8:00 AM  to 1:00 PM.

Services & Facilities:
The Central Library offers a wide range of facilities and services like:

    • Library Orientation Programme

    • Circulation

    • OPAC

    • Reference  Services

    • Newspaper Clipping

    • Photocopying

    • Current Awareness Services

    • Article Index

    • New Arrival Display

    • Reading Facilities

    • Internet

    • Inter-Library Loan

Special features:
Our Central Library is life time member of ADINET, Ahmedabad

The library is fully automatized and for this purpose it uses user-friendly library software called SOUL 2.0 is an state-of-the-art integrated library management software designed and developed by the INFLIBNET Center.


Art & Craft

Art and Craft is a very crucial part of teacher’s training. There is a separate zone / space provided at the educational campus for Art and Craft Facility named ‘Creative Zone’ where the teacher trainees can conduct various Art And Craft work / activities.

TLM Exhibition
Art and Craft Zone (3)
Art and Craft Zone (4)

Computer Lab

The Computer Laboratory with internet facility multimedia projectors provides access to vivid educational software, instructional applications and data resources.

Computer lab1
computer lab2
Computer Lab3

Science Lab

Instructional Facilities in Science Laboratory

Practical science activities have great significance in the teaching learning process.  Science practicals help to develop important skills, and a broad understanding of scientific concepts. It is very important for teachers to possess the skills of handling the apparatus and taking observations in order to enable the students learn. With this objective in our mind we have a science laboratory in our institute in which our trainees perform the practicals related to the content given in the prescribed textbooks. Our Science laboratory is richly equipped with all the equipments necessary for performing the practicals. The laboratory equipments are divided into three broad sections which include Beakers, flasks, chemicals like sodium bicarbonate, copper sulphate, vinegar, potassium permanganate, sodium chloride and many more. The equipments for Physics include electric tester, copper wires, pinhole camera, thermometer, Kaleidoscope, convex and concave lens, globe, vernier calipers, wind mill, pendulum etc . The instruments for Biology section include electron microscope, coverslips, various models of human organs etc. The trainees visit the science laboratory regularly for practicing various practicals. Science method trainees make use of science laboratory to give practice teaching lessons.

Science Laboratory (3)
Science Laboratory (2)
DSCN0223 copy

Psychology Lab

Kadi Sarva Vishvavidyalaya

Education Colleges at Gandhinagar

R. H. Patel English Medium B.Ed. College
S. S. Patel college of Education

This Psychology Laboratory was established from very beginning of the institution with the vision to integrate theoretical understanding of educational psychology by contextualizing and personalizing through/with practical experiences in order to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of B.Ed. students.

The objective of the psychology laboratory is to enrich/improve the understanding of the B.Ed. trainees about:

  • Classroom processes of learning, teaching
  • The dynamics of the students, teachers, other school personnel including principal and administrative staff, parents, community.
  • To enable the teacher trainees to understand way of conducting psychological experiments.
  • To give practical experiences to B.Ed. teacher trainees about some of the psychological concepts and principles.
  • To give practical experience of conducting psychological tests in their class room situation in future.
  • To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests in various school situations.
  • To apply the psychological tests during research work.

The Psychology Laboratory of the college plays an important role for ensuring comprehensive understanding about various psychological aspects of prospective future teachers. The lab has various tests and apparatus/equipment for testing and assessing various aspects considered to be useful for educational psychology. The student–teachers are encouraged to enhance their awareness about the different aspects mentioned and use their understanding to develop and consolidate the dynamic “profiles” that emerge about the school children, the schools and themselves. The lab also has in store some of the good reports that were submitted by the B.Ed. students of the previous years.

Psychological tests available in Psychology lab:

  1. David’s Battery of Differential Abilities ( DBDA) Revised by Sanjay Vohra
  2. Teacher’s Emotional Intelligence ( TEII): By Dr.(Mrs.) Shubha Mangal
  3. Mangal Emotional Intelligence Inventary (MEII) : By Dr. S.K. Mangal, Mrs. Shubha Mangal
  4. Adjustment Inventory for School Students ( AISS) By A.K. Sinha, R.P. Singh
  5. Social Adjustment Inventory: By Dr. Roma Pal
  6. A New Test of Creativity : By Dr. Roma Pal
  7. Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession ( ASTTP) : By Dr.(Mrs.) Umme Kulsum
  8. Self Understanding Test (SUT–BATS): By Akhtar Bano and Sushma Talesara Tests

Psychological Experiments available in Psychology lab:

  1. Learning by Trial & Error (Transfer in Maze Learning)
  2. Muller-Lyer Illusion Experiment
  3. Shifting of Attention (Instrument: Rubin’s Cup)
  4. O’cconnor Finger and Tweezer Dexterity Test
  5. Span of Attention
  6. The Effect of Meaningful Learning on Education (Memory Drum Hand App)
  7. Learning by Whole V/S Part Method
  8. Mcdougal’s Pyramid Problem
  9. Dr. Bhatia’s Test of Intelligence (Kit)
  10. Koh’s – Block Design Test
  11. Bilateral Transfer-Mirror Tracing
  12. Habit Interference
  13. Verification of Weber Law
Psychological Laboratory-3
Psychological Laboratory-2

Seminar Room

The Colleges have seminar hall with capacity of 60 seats, well equipped with latest facilities. It is useful to the trainees of the college to give their presentations and organize other activities.

Seminar hall1
Seminar hall2

Multi-purpose Hall

Method Room: All the method rooms are equipped with comfortable sitting arrangement for students and also a counseling cabin in each method room along with a range of teaching aids.

WorkShop Room: The workshop room is equipped with the basic tools required for preparation of teaching aids.


Open Play-Ground / Sports Facilities (Kindly Suggest)

Each college has necessary facilities for both indoor and outdoor games for physical development of trainees.

Play Ground
Open Play Area

Hostel for Girls & Boys

It has been the tradition of Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal to provide excellent hostel facilities separately for boys & girls within the campus at a very reasonable fees with all modern amenities. The hostel also has a recreation room fitted television and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostel kitchen provides excellent and hygienic catering.

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