Faculty Forum & In-house Workshops

Faculty Forum is a faculty discussion platform. Every month one day is identified in which two hours faculty forum is arranged in which faculties discuss the academic issues like what is the suitable method for teaching a point of syllabus, how should we conduct a practical, what should be its evaluation scheme or sharing any innovative ideal related to teaching / learning / evaluation or administration

An open ended scope for discussion creates a kind of environment and platform for doing something better every time and also make the faculties reflective through Faculty Forum.

faculty forum

In-House Workshops

“Knowledge is better preserved through sharing” – Keeping this thing in mind, Faculty of Education,under the leadership of Prof. Veenaben Patel, believes in inter-faculty expertise sharing through In –House Workshops which are planned for four to five times a year for one day in which the fellow faculty members share their expertise for an internal expertise sharing experience. This year the below mentioned topics have been identified for In– House Workshops :

June: Google forms and YouTube Utility for Education
August: Multiple Intelligence based Teaching Strategies
October: Yoga for mental health and hygiene
December: Statistics for Data Analysis